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          Company Profile

          HZF specizlized in producing 1st.2nd.3rd generation wheel hub assembly and varieties of precision bearings over 2900 types.Products are widely used in middle and senior class sedans,commercial vehicles,trucks,and also well accepted in more than 30 countries and regions,including United States,Canada,Germany,Italy,Sough Korea,ect.

          Company always adhere to the concept of "Self-reliant innovation.Prosperous through technique" and has won a series of honorary titles,such as "National Key High-tech Enterprise","National Torch Program Enterprise","The mose independent  Innovative Enterprise","ZheJiang Adcanced Technology Enterprise","ZheJiang Patent Demonstration Enterprise",etc.HZF had build up the National Post-Doctoral Research Center,Provincial Enterprise Technology Center and Zhejiang Province Key Enterprise Research Institute,CNAS Detecte and Research Center.Over the years,HZF has undertook multiple projects of the "China Torch Program" and "Provincial level new product development project",A number of new products fill in domestic gaps and reach the international advanced level, nearly 40 scientific research results obtained the national patent authorization.


          HZF has perfect quality management system and significant testing experience facilitate enterprise to win ISO9002 Quality Management System certificate, QS900 Quality Management System certificate, TUV's ISO9001 Quality Management System since 2006, and ISO/TS16949 certificate. All of these prove our capability to provide better-quality and service to customers.

          HZF will always be upholding the business concept of is and will be upholding the business concept of "Dare to Exploitation,Brave in Creation,Good at Improvement,and Loyal to commitment",devote ourselves to provide better service and quality products

          Company Profile


          People work with their own history and life, 

          the firm is with its own history of survival and development, 

          today everyone what you believe, largely depend on you yesterday, 

          what history has proved, 

          to have tomorrow What kind of qualifications and trust, 

          largely depends on what you create today.

          Only people of high moral character,

           integrity Courtesy of the people,

           working carefully and meticulous person, 

          able to create high quality products.

          With the trust of the high-quality products, 

          companies can get good returns 

          in order to gain a firm foothold in the market

           in order to achieve long-term development.

          President: President

          Contact Us

          ZheJiang ZhaoFeng Mechanical and Electronic CO.,LTD

          Tel(switchboard): 86-571-22803999

          Telephone (sales): 86-571-22801122 / 22801166 / 22801100

          Telephone (securities): 86-571-22801163

          Fax: 86-571-22801188

          Email: info@hzfb.com


          Zipcode: 311232

          HQ Address:No 6 ZhaoFeng Road,XiaoShan Economy & Technology Development Zone,HangZhou,China

          Factory 3 address:No 33 HongKen Road,XiaoShan Economy & Technology Development Zone,HangZhou,China